Thursday, 2 September 2010

Why is Car Insurance necessary?

Many new drivers can't understand why it costs them over £1000 to insure their car, when they only paid £800 to buy the car!!
The first and most important part of car insurance to understand is that you are not insuring your car, you are insuring against damage caused by your car.
If you crash into another car, a house or even a pedestrian, you need to be covered in case you are sued for damages.
If you accidentially ran someone over and broke both their legs... 'Sorry' would not be enough. Without insurance you could be liable for tens of thousands in compensation, not to mention the hefty fine for not having car insurance in the first place.
Even the most basic Cheap Car Insurance cover would prevent this from becoming a problem.

Dishonest drivers add £50 to car insurance premiums

 Honest UK motorists are paying £1.25 billion a year to support the activities of dishonest drivers.
According to research from Co-operative Insurance, the average car insurance premium carries a £50 penalty to cover costs incurred by uninsured and fraudulent road users.

swiftcover reveals insurance claims tricks

Online car insurer,, is suggesting that motorists are increasingly trying to get insurers to pay for old damage and normal wear and tear as part of genuine insurance claims.
To combat the trend, the company has published the top insurance claims tricks and misconceptions as follows:
The “Two For One” claim – a driver will pass-off